Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fixing a Noisy Kodak Ektapro Slide Projector Fan Repair

The Kodak Ektapro is the most "modern" slide projector around.  It is semi professional and costed big buck in their hey day.  Now due to the decline of mainstream use they are more commonly being found amateur photography people.

Kodak Ektapro
One fault that is found with an Ektapro is a noisy squealing fan, repairing it is a little tricky and requires a special tool (Long T-20 Driver).  A noisy fan is annoying or worse if it is not spinning you projector will be broken in no time.

Here are some quick instructions:
  • Remove the lamp module and the four screws from the bottom of the unit.
  • Remove the top cover by removing the focus knob and retracting the slide actuator arm.
  • Unclip the button pad and unscrew the screws for the intermediate chassis.  Remove the intermediate chassis.
  • The fan module should can now be removed, disconnect the cables.
  • Disassemble the fan by removing the two screws and pulling out the whole motor.  Unclip the clips on the the other end and everything should be apart.

Clean and grease these

Oil White Sponges in bearings

This sometimes fails

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