Saturday, 31 December 2011

Backup Home folder on Ubuntu onto a USB drive for upgrades on Linux

It is that simple, before a upgrade:

rsync -a -u  /home/ /media/you_usb_drive/your_backup_folder

Copies all hidden dotfiles, preserves permissions.

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[solved] How to run manage multiple ebay / gmail accounts on firefox

If you want to log into multiple ebay accounts on firefox for shill bidding / selling etc,  it is simple.

Just create multiple profiles, the example below is for Linux

Copy these instructions before going any further.

Close firefox

In the command line type "firefox -P"

Click "add profile" and call it "default2", don't overwrite your existing profile or your bookmarks will be lost.  Create as many profiles as you need!

Close off the profile manager

Now you can create a shortcut for you new profile
"firefox -no-remote -P default2"

So your original firefox shortcut will open the "default" firefox profile and your new shortcut will open the profile called "default2", notice that profile default2 has no bookmarks etc.

You can now change the appearance / settings of the profile default2 to match whatever.  I made mine look like a different colour.

Works for multiple gmail accounts, twitter, facebook the list goes on and on.  It will never work for accounts that rely on IP addresses like file download sites i.e oron or rapidshare.

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Bankwest AU Deposit ATM's are nowhere to be found in PERTH

What a pathetic bunch of pricks Bankwest (BWA) is.

There is a lack of deposit ATM's, yes the money used to put money INTO the bank in Perth.
This is because they have quietly closed branches or moved services to Australian Post offices or places called "Community Branches".  None which are open outside office hours.

Have a look for yourself, there is only one BWA Deposit ATM in the Perth CBD and none in East Perth.

And before you can say "aren't Commonweath (CBA) ATM's the same as BWA ATM's", well they are not, no deposit option is available for a BWA customer using a CBA ATM.

Bankwest is Fail - Believe it

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Monday, 26 December 2011

Australia Post Calculator is FAIL on mobile devices cannot enter height

Why cant these fuck's get it right.

I cannot enter height dimensions for sending a parcel.  If you cannot get you core business right than you should move onto selling cheap rubbish like crap DVD palyers and Set top boxes - oh wait, nevermind

Fuck you Austpost!  Your prices are too high and your retail model is inefficient.  Get rid of the stupid staff and have customers post in their own parcels.  The technology is there to measure / weigh boxes automatically at a point of sale environment.  But knowing the way you guys go about things, you will just fuck it up.

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