Thursday, 20 October 2011

Operation Repo TV Show FAKE

Kill it with Fire

Everyone probably knew this one already.

Some of the acts were unbelievable and somewhat staged.  Then came the day when Matt was Tasered.  The Taser was shot at him, the wires went past him and hit the ground.  Then in the next scene, he was convulsing on the ground but with both wires attached to his chest.

Then he claimed he pissed himself, showing off his piss stained jean shorts.  So if it was a re-enactment, it was very realistic.

So, some google research later, many people are stating that the show is a fake, sighting the disclaimer at the start of the show - "The stories that are portrayed in this program are based on real events. The names of the characters were changed in order to protect their identities... and some honor".

Fake, Fail, and no longer watching.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Holden Commodore Key fob immobiliser central locking pics circuit board

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Australia Post stuffs up again, ebay satchels

I decided to buy some ebay satchels from the Australia Post ebay shop...
One week ofter they promised to send them, nothing...
Now I get this email from Auspost saying they are comming in late.  Hate Australia Post, they are cunts.

Thank you for your interest in the Australia Post/eBay flat rate satchels.
It has been brought to my attention that some of the orders dated the xx/xx/xx were not included on the download from eBay for some reason.

Because it is unclear how many users were affected, all orders have been resent today, and should arrive to you in the next few days.
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the delay, and for any inconvenience caused, I am working with eBay to find the root of the problem, and to make sure it does not occur again.
Kind regards,
xxxxx/x | Australia Post
eBay Store Manager

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[solved] Google Search Redirects, cant copy links greasemonkey

I hate the way google redirects it links.  If I want to copy a link for a email or something, I get some garbage that is no where near the direct link.
If you are using firefox, install Greasemonkey and then get this script from
No more redirects, and the browsing experience looks good.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Tower LCDI 30386-0 Safety Switch Disassembled Pictures

Pictures inside another safety switch, this time it is a American 110 volt one.  I found it weird that the main power cables were braided. WTF.

This one is activated using mechanical means and using discrete components.

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Pictures inside a Click RCD Safety Switch

Here are some pics of the insides of a Click Safety Switch.

The switch failed because the reset button latch worn out.

Shown is the current coil to measure earth leakage, relay coil to disconnect.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

DIY telescopic expandable baton

These things are cool, but are banned/expensive in some areas.

I would like to make one, some day.

Here are some ideas to make a expandable baton from everyday things.

1. Use the leg from a tripod.  Perhaps not the strongest way, epically if it is aluminium.  But you will get a good idea of how to make them.

2. Use a gas strut from a car hatchback or similar.  These are usually worn out and have no gas when they are old.  A sharp flick of the strut will produce the inner part and ready for whacking.  Be careful drilling into these.

Any other ideas are welcome, no one else has produced a 'how to' in the making of a a real expandable baton.
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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mobile Paypal Sucks, Crippled, Ugly, Stupid and FAIL

Why the hell do idiots make mobile sites that are fuckin shit!

Mobile Paypal is the stupidest site ever.  You cannot do anything on it and worst of all, they is no way you can opt out and go to the full site!

I already hate the way paypal fingers sellers on ebay so I am not pulling any punches here. 

Every paypal transaction incurs a fee to the seller, it is like a 3% tax, then there is the ebay fees to follow.

For ebay sellers, the best thing to do is avoid using paypal altogether.  Advising buyers that they will have their money refunded or the postage of their item will be seriously delayed if they want to use paypal service.

Fuck Paypal

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hidden Black lamp in LG Fridge [solved] FIR

I was investigating a condensation buildup in a LG GR-282MF fridge. Removing the cover housing the light and thermostat, I discovered something interesting. A second bulb which was painted with a black coating.

Immediately, I thought this was a spare bulb, but realised that the socket holding the bulb had electrical contacts.

The fridge door lamp was rated at 240V 15W and the black coated lamp was rated at 240V 10W
Doing some research, I found that the black bulb was called a FIR (Far Infra-Red) lamp.

From a LG fridge manual, it quoted:
Far Infrared Rays emitted from Far Infrared Ray Lamp restrains the dryness of the foods and keeps its original form without transforming.
By increasing the nucleic acid, Far Infrared Rays also keeps the aroma and the smell of the food for a long time.
When the refrigerator begins to operate, F.I.R Lamp turns on. During the refrigerator's operating, the on and
off of the F. I. R Lamp is automatically controlled by the refrigerator inner temperature.
Therefore it is not necessary to handle F.I.R Lamp.

F.I.R Lamp is coated with special materials for the best results of F.I.R Lamp's effect decreases.
If F.I.R Lamp is veiled or covered, the F.I.R Lamp's effect decreases.

If you store the foods wrapped in the vinyl or wrapper, not in the vessel with lid, the foods will get more effective F.I.R results.
Some times it pays to read the manual.

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Acer 6311 Clicky kebard teardown and cleaning up

Cleaning a dirty clicky keyboard is a lot of work.  It pays to take lots of photos of the keyboard before tearing it down, so you can remember where the keys go.

The best way to remove the keys is to lever them from opposite sides at the same time.  Start with the letters and numbers, leave the bigger keys till last.

Notice that the bigger keys have metal retainers that have to be carefully removed from the plastic.  The space bar also has a weak spring.

Also, be careful with scrubbing the keys in solvents or harsh detergents, the keyboard labels may wash off.

Putting it back together is twice as fun, hook the keyboard up and run a program like notepad to see if the right key is in the right spot.

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