Sunday, 19 August 2012

LMMC header on DLink router file, decoding the zlib zpipe Plaintext password

LMMC header on router file, decoding.

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Tested on a DLink DSL-G604T

Downloading the config file dumps a config.bin file.  The first line of the file has a LMMC which indicates a zlib header

Convert the file to a .Z file
dd if=config.bin of=test.config.bin.z bs=20 skip=1

download the zlib source and extract it.
go to the examples folder
compile zpipe.c using the command
gcc -o zipe zpipe.c -lz
now you will have something called zpipe

copy the zpipe command where the config files are and execute the command
./zpipe -d < test.config.bin.z > config.txt

now open config.txt and view it plaintext!

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