Monday, 27 August 2012

Gimp 2.8 Auto Export No Prompt Save Fix [solved]

I was happy to get the new gimp 2.8 as it had the promised one window feature, yay!

But soon, I noticed that they have stuffed up on another important feature, saving...  One step forward, one step backwards.

Saving now saves a image as a XCF file, which is has a serious ability to interrupts ones workflow.  Unfortunately Gimps designers have no clue what most people use Gimp for, I will break it down:
  1. Take a photo with the camera as a JPG
  2. Edit the photos with Gimp
  3. Overwrite-save the photo back as a JPG <<<<----  Important!
  4. Close Gimp on to other things
Unfortunately in Gimp 2.8 they make you do it more like this:
  1. Take a photo with the camera as a JPG
  2. Edit the photos with Gimp
  3. Export the photo back as a JPG
  4. Be bombarded with several options on how to save the image...
  5. Close Gimp and still be reminded that you have not saved the image as a XCF  FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!1

Alot of people are completely pissed about this 'feature' and would like to a workaround.  Of course there is nothing in settings to help you but someone named Akkana Peck has come to save us with a cool script to help.

Applying the script is easy, just navigate do the following commands in the terminal:

cd ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/
chmod +x

Restart gimp and now you will be greeted with a Save/Export Clean button in the File menu, yay.

Now remap the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S to this button in the preferences and everything will be golden!  It is found in Edit > Preferences > Interface > Configure Shortcuts.  Search for 'save' and look under Plug-ins.

Thanks Akkana you are awesome!

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  1. Thanks a lot !!
    works like a charm
    (i looked for "gimp auto export" in google)