Sunday, 25 September 2011

[solved] Android Shortcut to Tethering Settings

If you are like me and tether your 3G android device to PC's several times a day, you will realise that it is a PITA to go through the menu to enable tethering each time you want to connect.

Trying to make a shortcut, was impossible, there was no link to the tethering settings page.

I found Quickteth on the market, it is a lightweight app, that requires no unsafe permissions to run!  (Lesson to learn you other android developers!)

Puts a simple shortcut on the desktop, press it and you are in your tethering settings page!

Check out Quickteth on the android market.

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  1. From my phone this worked:- from "apps" / "widgets" hold the "settings" widget and copy it to home screen, at which point it will give you a selection of what setting to become :)