Saturday, 24 September 2011

CHOGM temporary security Cameras Hyatt Hotel

According to this article the Hyatt hotel is housing many CHOGM members.

There has been a lot of construction work going on there as well, including the installation of these wireless video cameras on street light poles.

Interesting, the cameras are powered by the street post supply, and have a wireless video link back to the Hyatt Center.  There is also temporary scaffolding erected on the roof to accommodate the receiving antennas.

Close inspection of the security cameras revels WA Police asset tags on them.

The locations of the cameras are:
  • Plain Street / Adelaide Terrace - East Side of the intersection
  • Construction site on Plain Street - Ex location of Plain Street Deli
  • Corner of Plain / Terrace Road - South side of the intersection
  • Terrace road - two locations on sidewalk
Total of six cameras

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