Thursday, 29 March 2012

How Australia Post is Killing Online Business auspost fail

Australia Post, the dog of the logistics world have announced another rate increase.

3.8% across the board, and there is a catch....  The abolishment of the 0-250g parcel category and expanding this to 0-500g.  This means that anyone selling small light stuff online will have to pay/charge alot more for postage.

Australia post is so happy that the parcel business is pulling them out of the shit but they still stab us in the side to watch the blood flow.  It is impossible ATM to compete with free imports post from China.

What a failure you have become, Australia Post!  Do this now!

  • Stop wasting time accepting bill payments over the counter, no one needs this anymore, we all have bpay, credit cards and other quicker methods these days.
  • Stop selling crap like sewing machines, set top boxes and books in your store.  The name of the company is Australia Post, i.e Australia = Australia and Post = Post
  • Focus on ways to automate your parcel acceptance and delivery, the self serve automated kiosk is a good idea, but no doubt you will find some way to fuck stuff it up for everyone.
  • Start educating your staff and have them perform within a tight KPI, anybody can see that the staff are brain-dead and cannot give a damn.  If they fail to perform, get rid of them.
Newfag using a Automated Kiosk

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